Church Announcements June 23rd, 2012

Announced by Irvine Pinney on 24 Jun 2012

Church Announcements
June 23rd, 2012
1. Our focus for 2012 will be Revival and Reformation, constant in prayer and
heeding the word, we are asking every congregation to continue to implement
and pray for a Holy Spirit revival in the church.

2. The New 28 Fundamental Beliefs of the church (book) is still available in
limited quantity. Anyone who would like to purchase this book can contact
Pastor Benjamin, the sale price is EC$20.00.

3. There is now an availability of church literature at Chapter 1 Bookstore in
Charlestown. The bookstore has been given access to all church material,
except the Quarterlies, which will be sent directly to the churches. In stock
are publications by Pacific Press, Review and Herald, Inter-American
Division Publishing Association (IADPA), Amazing Facts, and others. Also
in stock is "The Bible Marking Guide” for the Guide class of the Pathfinder

4. All parents are asked to take note that, all pathfinders are required to have a
workbook for the upcoming Pathfinder year. The workbooks are at a cost of
EC$25 and you can contact the Pathfinder Director for further information.

5. Eager Beaver & Adventurer club continues this afternoon at 4 p.m. Although
testing is over, parents please note that the children will be practicing in
preparation for the Investiture Service next week.

6. AY this afternoon is about reaching out into our community and touching
lives. Please note that we will be travelling to Rices at 4 pm to visit with the
mother of Sister Marjorie Brandy, so please return to AY early.
We will then leave Sister Brandy's home and travel to the Hospital; where we
would minister to Sister Vertilly Perkins’s mum and other residents of the
wards. Please come out in your numbers. Remember the bible mentions the
need for us to visit the sick and the shut-in.

7. Master Guide Club continues tomorrow at 5:30 p.m.

8. Please remember to tune in to VON radio (860 AM), for the Facts for Life
program, at 6 p.m; a blessing awaits you!
Sis. Irma Hendrickson is seeking voluntary service from anyone who is
interested in radio evangelism; with this in mind, kindly contact her or Pastor
Benjamin at your earliest!

9. There will be a Community Services Federation meeting at the Beulah church
on Tuesday 26th June 2012 at 7pm.

10. Senior youth camp will take place on the island of Nevis during the period
Thursday July 26th to Monday August 6th, 2012. Please contact your AY leader
for more information.

11. The Eager Beaver & Adventurers Investiture service is scheduled for next
Sabbath, June 30th, 2012 9:00a.m at the Beulah church. Parents are reminded
to have their children at the church by 8:45 a.m. Everyone is invited to come
out and support the children.
All Pathfinders and Master Guides are asked to be in uniform next Sabbath.
This is the end of our announcements for today; do continue to have
a wonderful Sabbath

Calendar of Events for Youth Month (July) 2012

July 1st - Consecration Service at Beulah
July 6 & 7th - Weekend Retreat at Comber mere Community Centre
July 8th - Excursion to St. Kitts/Beachnic
July 12th - Rap Session at Charlestown with Mrs. Julene Grant
July 12th - Youth in charge of church for the morning
(All congregations)
July 14th - Rap Session at Brown Hill with Mrs. Julene Grant
July 19th - Rap Session at Gingerland by Pastor Shelton Benjamin
July 21st - Island wide Youth-led convention at Mannings (No AY)
(NB: It’s for all members)
July 21st - Fish Fry Extravaganza Social at Oualie Beach