Sabbath 15th September 2012

Announced by Irvine Pinney on 17 Sep 2012

Church Announcements

September 15 th, 2012


 1.   Pathfinder, Eager Beaver and Adventurer club continues this afternoon at 4 p.m. The Eager Beaver and Adventurer directors are soliciting the help of parents and friends in this section of Youth Ministry. Anyone who wishes to be an active part in these young lives can contact the leaders.

 2.  AY continues this afternoon at 4:30 p.m. The focus for the afternoon is ‘Do believers in Christ become lonely? If so, how can we cope?’ Everyone is asked to bring a pen or pencil and paper.  

 3.  Master Guide Club continues tomorrow at 5:30 p.m.

 4.  Please remember to tune in to VON radio (860 AM) tomorrow (Sunday) evening, for the Facts for Life program, at 6 p.m; a blessing awaits you!

 5.  All small groups are asked to meet on a regular basis.  Please continue to give your support by being present and inviting your friends to your group. Please don’t get worry in serving the Lord.

 6.  The photos from Youth Month 2012 are still available for download online. Those who have received the email with the links and have yet to download the files. Kindly do so as a matter of urgency as you would not have access to them after tonight (September 15th, 2012). Similarly, those who are not on the mailing list, and would like to receive those photos or photos from church events, as well as to receive the SLM weekly Newsletter are asked to indicate by placing your name on this sheet, so that both list can be updated.

7.   From the Health Ministries Desk:


What if someone discovered a fantastic medicine that treats and prevents heart disease, strokes, high blood pressure and even cancer? Wouldn't you make sure you took it and insist that children and loved ones took it too. It is however not free, the currency that you pay is time...and the miracle medicine is walking. Come join us (with your friend) on Monday 17th, September as we launch the "In Step for Life Fitness Challenge". You will be "Stepping into Fitness and Health" with a goal of 10,000 steps per day.

We begin at 6:30 a.m. Our route begins at the roundabout at Horsfords Valu Mart, going along Pump Road, pass Occasions, turning right onto the Island's Main Road to Cotton Ground, keeping left to the bottom of the hill, keeping right around the corner up the gentle slope, pass the Methodist Church into Cotton Ground keeping right at the crossroad walking to the main road. We walk back through Charlestown through Bath Village turning right and ending up at Gallows Bay where you may frolick in the water and be reenergized. Please bring your drinking water. You may join anywhere along the route if you are late.


The dress code is a White T Shirts or your In Step white shirt. Come lets fellowship with one another as we get ‘fit’ for the kingdom.

 8.  The Charlestown Pathfinder Club will celebrate their 50th Anniversary of Pathfindering from September 14th to 22nd, 2012; with this in mind, they are cordially inviting us to their week of activities.


Schedule of Activities:

Date                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Activity

Saturday 15th Sept                             Pathfinder Day 9 a.m.

Sunday 16th Sept           Banquet 7 p.m. at Cotton Ground Community Center. Tickets $50.00 

Wednesday 19th Sept                        Evening service at church.

Friday 21st Sept                                 Evening service at church.

Saturday 22nd Sept        Past Pathfinders will take over for the Day and A Y at 4.30 pm  

9.    There will be an island coordinating council meeting on 30th September 2012; all members of the council please take note of this important meeting

10.   Sabbath October 13th, 2012 will be celebrated as Community Services Sabbath. On that Sabbath, we will learn about the Community Services Department and how YOU can GET involved. It will be a whole day of activity under the theme "Called to serve". More information will be shared with you as the date approaches.

 11. This is to inform the congregation that on any given church service, we must engage in reading the word together, as a congregation and also individually. Today we are reading Numbers chapter 35 and tomorrow (Sunday) Numbers chapter 36.

 12.  Sis Languedoc sent her love and hello to all the members of the congregations.




This is the end of our announcements for today; do continue to have a wonderful Sabbath!